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This is going to be my first exam on how to merge videos into one.

I recorded my lakad yesterday. It really wasn't an exciting errand but I had to record it so I have something to submit to my tutor.

I am very nervous cos there's a lot of steps I need to go through. I listed it all down so I won't forget.

I just hope I won't make mistakes or miss a step. Otherwise, this is going to be a big fail. I hope not.

In other news...

There was something I noticed when I was out yesterday. Everyone was only not wearing a mask but everyone was wearing a face shield. Good thing I wore one.

Arleen my friend was telling me you better buy a face shield cos it's mandatory. So she ordered me from where she ordered hers. I order 2 pieces so that I have something to alternate. I ordered yellow and white. Altho' it comes in other colors like black and blue.

I liked the yellow one cos it makes everything so bright. And you know me I have very bad eyes.

So, here it is, please bear in mind that this lesson is how to merge videos. That's why there's a lot of scenes where I could have trimmed it but I focus more on a how-to merge videos. My next exam will be trimming videos. And I am really nervous cos it is kinda difficult to do.

Please don't judge me. And by the way, I forgot again to turn my camera in horizontal position.uggghhhh...

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Like I mentioned a few weeks back that I am going to do an online editing course. It finally happened guys! woohoo!

The story is like this. I have a very good friend who works in a media company based in Riyadh. They cover international events. He's worked with Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, etc. He's met President Bush (the son), President Clinton, and some Saudi Kings and Princes. Among others.

To cut the long story short he knows everything from photography, editing, etc.

When I told him that I decided to do a YouTube channel I asked him to edit it cos I don't know how to edit. He told me to send him the video.

So, I sent him my very first video which was 30 minutes long. I had a hard time sending it to him cos it was a big file. I ended up sending it to him through Facebook. He extracted the video from Facebook and edited it. And sent it back to me through Facebook also.

The thing was the copy that he sent was very clear, HD quality but when I posted it on YouTube it became grainy. It did not come out well.

So, I went ahead and posted my video in Youtube channel without editing.

Last week, I decided to finally let him teach me how to edit. I told him I have an editor in my Macbook pro. But he said he is not familiar with the editor in Macbook Pro he is using Final Cut Pro. Yung talagang pang professional. And I don't have that software. So I told him I'll buy na lang that software. And he goes, "'wag mahal yun, $200. I'll just give you a copy. I'll send it to you through DropBox." Yay!!!

It took us 3 days to send it through DropBox cos somehow I could not open it. So we gave up on it and told me to send my laptop to his daughter's house and let her download it on my laptop.

So, over the weekend I let my driver dropped it in his daughter's house. My laptop came back with Final Cut Pro on my laptop. woohoo!

We started last Monday night (it has to be at night cos that's the afternoon in Riyadh). We are already in our third session and so happy to let you know that I already know how to do basic editing (purging videos (that means my videos will be no longer in parts. lol) and trimming). I still need to practice more. So in the mornings, I practice.

When I am really good at it (basic) then we will move on to a higher level. Like putting text on my videos and insertings photos. And some hi-tech effects. Hopefully.

Right now he is doing my intro video and ending video. And I am practicing like crazy so I can move up to the next level.

Me, practicing on an old video using Final Cut Pro. I feel so professional. hahahaha

A big shout out to Sand Trapz for being so patient with me. And always being there to help me and give me tips.

In our first session, he sent this photo to me out of frustration. Cos I talk a lot and won't listen to him while he is teaching me. hahaha.

So watch out for better videos guys! I'm so excited.

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Here are the things I cannot live without. My 10 essentials.

Like I said in the video I saw this being done on YouTube and decided to do it myself.

Come to think of it what really are the 10 things I cannot live without.

It makes me wonder.

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