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A Father's Day tribute

May 25, 2020, at 2:42 pm, you became a full pledge Father.

  • "Mom, I am scared every time Emilia cries." I asked, "why?" And you answered, "cos she doesn't have teeth. She looks so scary"

  • "Mom, why is she always crying?"

  • "Mom, what if she won't be a smart child?"

  • "Mom, she hasn't pooed in 2 days."

  • "Mom, who does she look like?"

  • "Mom, who's cuter Emilia or "bleeps" baby?"

  • "Emilia is the cutest baby in the world Mom."

  • "I love Emilia Mom"

The very first time you saw her.

You had Emilia at the same age I had you. Trivia.

You took your role as a Father with open arms and an open heart.

Thank you for taking the role of a Father to your siblings.

And for always worrying about me.

"Mom, where are you?"

"Mom, what are you doing there? Can you go home?"

"Mom, stop going out!"

Who would have thought that this child will become a good father, a good husband, and a good human being? Aside from being a good son.

I am so proud to be your Mom! We're in this together. Through thick or thin.

Happy Father's Day Bibi!

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