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A mother a child will be ashamed of

#COVID19 lockdown day 29

By this time I have already checked and cleaned all nook and cranny in my place. From my room, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, etc. Nothing left unturned. lol!

Since I have asked you to go subscribe to my new YouTube channel (to all those who subscribed yesterday and today a big thank you!) I ended up tinkering with YouTube early this morning.

I found an old channel of mine that I don't use anymore and I was able to dig some old videos that I posted.

I found this particular video of Vito and Claudia when they were in grade 8 in BSM (British School Manila). They had a fashion show event in school featuring Francis M. t shirts.

In this video you can tell I am a crazy stage mother. A mother every child will be ashamed of. I don't care. lol! This is the way I am.

1. First to walk is Kieran, one of Vito's good friends. He's always hanging and sleeping over in our house and I treat him like a son.

2. Second to walk is Rosy. Claudia's best friend. She's also always in our house and I treat her like a daughter

3. Actually all friends of my kids I treat like my own and I all love them.

Come scream with me!

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