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A tribute: Bbg

I am one of the tens of thousands mourning and grieving of the death of a dear, dear friend.

Ramoncito "dodong" Bandibas. Dodong to many but bbg (baby girl) to his close friends. We lost him to COVID last June 27, 2020, at 8:00 pm.

For you who have been following me from way back I am sure you are familiar with him. Especially on Facebook.

This is so hard for me to write. One of the hardest tribute I will ever write in my life. Only because I still cannot accept he is gone. I am choking for words.

I love bbg. Everyone knows that. Even mom knows that. Never have I ever gone home to Cebu without him around me. He is always part of my trip back home. He is part of home.

He is home to me.

Ever since I heard the news I have questioned God. Why did you take him? Why him? He made a lot of people happy. He was a ball of sunshine and always a very positive person.

God took 2 very good friends of mine 6 mos apart. Michael Chiong who died last December (I am sure you know about him cos I wrote about him too) and now Bbg.

God, silang dalawa talaga? Bakit hindi na lang isa sa kanila? Bakit silang dalawa talaga.

Both belong to my core group in Cebu. Never a day passed that we don't chat in our chatroom. We laughed and joked every day. I always look forward to when they both would checked in.

Mike left a big hole in our group when he passed. And now with Bbg gone our chatroom has been cold and lonely.

I really don't know where to go from here. I must admit his death derailed me. It derailed my train.

See you in the next lifetime Bbg. I would still want you and Mike both in my next life. For now, until we meet again.

Here's a song I will leave you with. In honor of bbg. Love of My Life by Matteo Bocelli

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