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After Life season 2 (not a review)

Updated: May 1, 2020

Yesterday afternoon I was able to finally watch season 2 of After Life. It's out now on Netflix.

I have been waiting for this to be released since the day Ricky Gervais announced that they were filming season 2.

After Life, it's about a man who lost his wife and was trying to get on with life and cope with the pain.

I will not say much about it cos I want you guys to watch it.

Altho' watching the movie at this time (quarantine/lockdown) is not advisable (it is a sad movie) (it will create a sad feeling).

I went ahead and watched season 2 anyway.

Personally, the greatest human pain one can ever feel is missing someone. For me (it might not be for you). I hate missing someone. It is something you cannot control and you can't avoid. And it is painful.

Towards the end of season 2 the scene when Tony sobbed so hard cos his grief was so much to bear, I felt that. I f*cking felt that. It tore my heart apart and it was painful.

People I miss on a daily basis (every f*cking day. And it hurts)(I swear it hurts):

my kids.

my mom and dad.

(yes. I know)( I dread the day when I'm at the bottom of my kids' list. But c'est la vie)(it doesn't mean I love them less)(I love them just the same)

Please watch After Life. Starring Ricky Gervais. One of the movies I love in my lifetime.

Cos I know how it feels like.

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