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cooking pancit from scratch

I am so fed up with what Neneng (helper) feeds me. If she knows I like a certain food she will cook it all the time. She knows I like tortang talong and tinolang manok and she rotates this 2 all the time until sukang suka na ako.

Today we ran out of ideas on what to cook for lunch. I checked what we have and I saw these Japanese noodles in the ref that I bought before lockdown. I decided to cook pancit.

I cut this video into 2 parts cos I needed to boil the pork first and it will take time since I don't know yet how to edit (please bear with me).

I already have 82 YouTube subscribers! Yay.

Please make me happy and subscribe to my YouTube channel Tina Enad Tagle. If you haven't already.

Thank you!

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