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Dapitan and Dangwa haul + bonus H&M Home

So, my friend Arleen and I together with our friend Maggie (Dy) decided to go to Dapitan and Dangwa to buy some baskets and flowers. We thought it's the best time to go now cos there's no traffic yet. Not our normal traffic anyway.

We left around 10:45 am and picked up Maggie.

I have never been to Dapitan. I have heard about the place but I have never been there. I have been to Dangwa (largest flower market in Manila) since I used to go there in late '90s. And I have never been back.

We had so much fun going around and discovering some good finds. There were not many people around. I think we were the only ones there. Both in Dapitan and Dangwa. Normally this place is usually packed at any given day and time.

I really didn't buy a lot. I just went for the experience and of course the company.

Sharing you some pictures that I took. Some photos are from Maggie.



Arleen, Maggie, and me

I only bought 2 kinds of flowers. Orange roses and this flower they called berries. I regretted why I didn't buy the eucalyptus. I should have.

When I got home I hurriedly put the flowers in the vase with water cos I got scared it might wither. Here they are:

Watch what I bought in Dapitan, Dangwa, and H&M Home here:

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Thank you!

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all fathers!

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