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DIY - how I dye my roots

I have been asked so many times where or who does my roots. And I always say it's my helper who does it. And they always say how?

I train them.

I have been DIY ing my roots for so many years now. If you have been following me from way back you'll know I hate going to salons. I only go to salons to have my hair trimmed. The rest I do at home.

My nails are done at home. Home service.

I normally touch my roots every 2 weeks (the latest 3 weeks). But ever since lockdown I've only touched my roots once. And my hair went crazy.

So the other day I decided to film while Neneng did my roots.

I use Revlon. I buy it in Landmark.

I use 2 shades. #50 for my roots and #70 for the rest of my hair. (I don't have the box for #50. The one I used was the last box. I need to buy more for my stock).

These are the materials I used.

While filming we got cut off cos I ran out of space. Good thing it got cut on the last part. Basically you will get the gist of how we do it.

After rinsing my hair this is the result:

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