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First day of GCQ ootd + homeware haul

I can't believe this day will come.

But there's no difference actually. Lol! Around 6:00 am I really observed if traffic will come back. It didn't. Yes, there were cars already and you can feel that there's movement outside but traffic is not yet back.

I went out today. Go watch my vlog on my YouTube channel to find out where I went. And while you're there please don't forget to subscribe! If you haven't already.

Here's my first OOTD on the first day of GCQ.

Inner shirt: Hanes Muscle Tshirt // Overalls: H&M // Mules: H&M // Bag: H&M

Here's the swatch of the Maybelline lipsticks:

Left to right: #10 Dreamer, #60 Poet, #65 Seductress

left to right: #100 Philosopher, #180 Revolutionary, #150 Savant

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