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For: Franny and my first chatty video

Franny is my daughter in law. Vinny's wife.

She is giving birth at the end of May. Her due date is May 29 to be exact. And all of us are so anxious because of this COVID19 going on. The last place that you would want to go to is in the hospital.

I saw this post in my memory on FB that I posted a few years ago.

I want to share this with her.

Let's hear your story the first time you became a Mother.

My Story:

1. Epidural: yes

2. Father in the room: no

3. Induced: no

4. Know the sex beforehand?: no. I specifically didn't want to know

5. Due date: Dec. 24

6. Did you deliver on time?: no. 4 days earlier

7. Morning sickness?: hell, yes!

8. Cravings?: kalabasa and chicharon. And Mom kept on telling me to stop eating kalabasa cos my baby will become bobo. I didn't listen to her. And my baby came out very cerebral

9. Pounds gained?: 25 lbs

10. Sex of the baby?: boy

11. Any complications?: none

12. Place you gave birth: Makati Medical Center

13. Hours in labor?: labored, delivered and recovered in 4 hours

14. Type of delivery?: normal

15. Baby's weight?: 6 lbs and 2 oz

16. Baby's name?: Vincenzo Giorgio Enad Tagle

17. How old is your baby today?: 31 years old

I can't wait to meet the child of my firstborn.

Here's a chatty video I made this morning.

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