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Get ready with me

I filmed a get ready with me video on my YouTube channel (attached below) before I went out today.

I only went to 2 places. Healthy Options and H&M.

Healthy Options because I repurchased some products that I ran out of. Body wash, liquid hand soap, skincare products. If you want me to do a haul of what I bought please let me know.

H&M because Arleen made me. LOL! And my friend Cookie (who got stranded in Batangas during lockdown) asked me to buy her a few items on the new collaboration of H&M.

I was able to buy a few items cos I only like a few items. If you want me to do a haul let me know.

If you don't want me to do a haul, I will still do a haul. LOL!


Shirtdress: Ines de la FressnagexUniqlo // Shoes: H&M // Bayong: H&M // Willow Jewelry

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