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H&M Home haul

Last Monday I had the biggest scare of my life. Ever.

When I woke up in the morning I went straight to the kitchen to get coffee like I usually do. I can see Neneng has already set it up. All I needed to do was pour the coffee in my mug.

But I didn't see where Neneng was. I called her and she was inside her room and she said, "mam, may lagnat ako."

I nearly collapsed. And then I panicked.

I asked her since when did she have a fever. She said around 3:00 am. I asked if she has a cough. She said no. Hard of breathing? No.

I paced around my kitchen thinking on what to do. It was so early in the morning (6:00 am). I kept on telling myself presence of mind, presence of mind, presence of mind.

I told her to just stay in her room and wear a mask and gloves.

I fixed her breakfast so she can eat and I can give her medicine. After she ate breakfast I gave her Biogesic.

Then I started calling people. Since it was early in the morning (Manila time). the first person I called was my nurse friend Marivic who is in London. I told her about my dilemma. She asked me does she have a cough? I said no. Does she have a hard time breathing? I said no. Did Neneng go out lately? Or traveled the last 14 days? I said no. She hardly goes out. She's just home all the time. Sometimes she goes down the lobby to bring me down when I go to the grocery. That's about it. And she never leaves the house with no mask and gloves. She's always well protected.

Then Marivic said ask her what else she feels aside from fever. So I called Neneng on the phone cos I did not want to go near her room. She said na hihirapan daw sya umihi. She's having a hard time peeing.

Marivic said baka UTI yan.

The second person I called was my Doctor friend Dr. Susan Lim (all the way in L.A.). I told her about it and she said possibly UTI. She gave me an antibiotic and she said it's over the counter it doesn't need a prescription.

So, when Jake (driver) arrived around 8:30 am I sent him right away to Mercury Drug. When he came back he said Mercury Drug is asking for a prescription.

Patay. Saan ako mag hahanap ng Doctor ngayon? Makiki pag away na naman ba ako ng Doctor just to get a prescription?

Then I remembered my Derma who told me to just call her if I ever needed a prescription when she found out that my doctor refused to give me a prescription for my anxiety pills.

The third person I called was Dra. Maika Slatenšek. I told her about my situation and she said she'll write me a prescription. But the problem was she lives in QC and I don't think Jake can pass the checkpoint. Then she said I'll take a picture of the prescription and I'll Viber it to you. Show the Viber picture to Mercury they will honor that.

So I sent Jake again to Mercury Drug and luckily they honored it.

Neneng has been drinking paracetamol every 4 hours and her antibiotics twice a day ever since Monday and she's okay now. She did not have fever for 2 days already and she feels so much better.

Thank you to the following people who helped me and calmed me down:


Dr. Susan Lim

Dr. Maika Slatenšek

Ayan and lakas na naman ng halakak ni Neneng. Whew!

In my last post, I mentioned that I went to H&M Home to buy a few things for my second room. And a few people asked me to do a haul.

Here's my H&M Home haul. I did not really buy a lot cos I did not stay long. Besides Vinny called me in the middle of my shopping and told me to go home and not to stay long.

This is my first ever Youtube haul.

Please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel Tina Enad Tagle. Thank you.

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