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How I am coping...

It's already day 32 of lockdown and I am doing everything to stay sane. I kid you not.

I miss my kids so much. I haven't seen them in 32 days. For me this is the hardest part of being lockdown. Altho' we FaceTime a lot but it's never the same. Never.

Yesterday they trekked down to my condo (I feel bad that they're the ones driving cos their drivers are also on isolation). We didn't touch, kiss or hug. I was just standing by the entrance of my building and waved at them. We talked for awhile and then they left. My heart was torn into tiny little pieces when they left.

Vinny and Franny

Vito and Claudia

Early this morning when I woke up I made a smoothie. This is raw video cos you all know I don't know how to edit. You might find my videos very unprofessionally done. I like it this way. I want you to see me raw. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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