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How I do my natural makeup look

Never in my wildest dream that one day I will be doing this video. Somehow this quarantine/lockdown gave me the guts to do this. And also I am more confident in myself now.

I tried so many times to do this video before cos a lot of my friends have been asking me to do a makeup tutorial. I don't even consider this a makeup tutorial cos I am not a makeup artist. This is just how I do my makeup.

You all know that I love makeup. There was a time I was obsessed with makeup. I used to hoard a lot. But not anymore. I stopped buying makeup that I know I won't use. I only buy to replenish the ones I am using now.

And another thing I don't like the full glam look anymore. I like the natural look now. The no-makeup makeup look. I like myself with less makeup. Not like before when I'll never leave the house without the whole shebang. The complete look.

Every time I see girls with full makeup on I just shake my head and I'm just glad that I am done with that.

So, here it is my no-makeup makeup look.

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Thank you!

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