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I discovered something!

2 things.

1. If you know me well you know I hate wearing masks. I only started wearing masks when it became mandatory. Otherwise, I won't wear a mask.

Only because I can't breathe. I really can't. And since I swear glasses or shades every time I breathe it fogs my glasses which I hate.

2. You all know I never ever endorse something I don't believe in or I don't like. And I know that's one thing you like in me.

I have remained authentic all these years

Anyway, I discovered this mask which my friend Fannie recommended to me. And I super like it. It's breathable, very comfortable to use AND it's washable up to 20 times. It is N98. Higher than N95 and sooo much comfortable. How cool is that?

It looks like this:

You can also order goggles from them:

And of course, I have test ran it! Super love it! Very comfortable and very breathable. When I was out I did not keep on fixing it or not at one point remove them while I was out. And the goggle was additional protection and very chic!

Here, take a look!

For inquiries: +63917 531 1000 and look for lea.

*This is not a paid AD

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