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meet Emilia

I know by now most of you here know that finally, my daughter in law gave birth already since most of you follow me on IG and FB.

By now you have heard the news cos I have been flooding your feed with pictures until Vinny texted me and told me to go easy on posting pictures. Bakit ba? ang cute kaya niya.

Here she is:

We came up with so many nicknames. From Genie (before she was born), then to Mimi, then to Em Em, etc. Until I settled for simply: Emilia.

Meet our Emilia. Our pride and joy.

After we have been through and still going through (COVID) a glimmer of hope and pure happiness. What a joy indeed.

But what is pure joy without a little bump along the way? The day before they were discharged the Doctor extended them for one day cos the pedia want to have another check-up before they will be released. And then they found out Emilia had slight jaundice. Which freaked us all out.

And then pandemonium erupted.

Teka muna, teka munaaaaa! Bakit???

I never experienced jaundice with my 3 kids. So I have no experience. Her pedia (Dr. Butler) (only becos Dr. Celdran is retiring next month) explained to Vinny and Vinny explained to me. And Arleen (my friend) told me she experienced jaundice with her youngest daughter. So I calmed down a little.

They had to put her under a blue light. Day and night.

Little did we know that this blue light is dehydrating cos it has heat coming out and it made Emilia cry non stop. Day and night.

When Emilia cries, Franny cries, Vinny gets so taranta and video call me and I get taranta myself but has to remain calm so it will not escalate. The minute we end the video call I go effing crazy. I can see Makati Med from my building and I cannot go and help them.

Both Vinny and Fran haven't slept since Fran got admitted (Sunday) and it's making me worry more. I want to relieve them. I felt so helpless. And I wanted to talk to Dr. Butler myself and ask her all the questions in my head. But I don't want to overstep them. I want them to go through this experience on their own. It's part of parenthood.

Here I am going crazy at home getting nervous by the minute.

We needed to calm down. Now. So we can focus and Emilia will stop crying. Oh God, help us.

Yes, ganyan kami ka oa. Ganyan kami ka nervous wreck. Lol!

Emilia was under the blue light for a day and a half. And they would take her out every now and then to cool her down. So that kinda calm her down. Us included.

They got extended one more day but finally, they got discharged yesterday.

Emilia, home at last. Peaceful and quiet in the home front.

Thank you, God.

Scenes from one of the greatest days of our lives:

The minute Fran got wheeled inside their room from the recovery room we had a video conference on Facetime

Even si Schumi sumali maski hindi kasali. lol!

First time I saw her face. Upclose

Aside from her long legs, she got my long fingers too!

Vinny said, "mom, pwede na sya magpa manicure." I said, "no. you need a baby nail clipper. Do you have a baby nail clipper?" He answered, "yes. We are complete."

I cried when I saw these pictures. Like tears just started falling. Non-stop. Because I saw the face of a good son and now a good father.

The first time he saw Emilia's face

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