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Miss chamomile tea

Remember my rant about my doctor who I had a heated argument last week?

That certain post had a comment from a follower that I did not notice. I only noticed it yesterday when my good friend Lu-Anne replied to her not so nice comment. Not nice because she blabbered about something she has no knowledge of and gave her 2 cents.

My friend Lu replied to this specific comment cos she got irked by how she took mental health lightly.

I'm talking about this particular comment left on my post on Facebook (I usually post the link of my blog posts on my Facebook account).

I was thinking should I respond to this ignorant and idiotic comment or not? I posted something on Facebook this morning: "never fight or waste your energies to people who don't deserve the honor of a combat." I was referring to this insensitive person.

But I gave it a thought and the only thing I can deal with insensitive comments (like this) is to confront it and educate her. Apparently she probably doesn't have any idea how important mental health is.

This post let me down.I've been your follower for years now and I admire you, for your wit, your humor, your feistiness, for what you have been through.

- Thank you

You are asking who is right or wrong. I don't know, but the Doctor, but that Doctor is a warrior. A warrior fighting this war for us. A warrior that cannot see the enemy. A warrior who is tired, weary and anxious himself. A warrior who is longing for his family - he may at this time cannot come home, afraid he might infect his family. A warrior who desperately needs a hug at this time. All he ask is a simple "how are you? Hope you are you okay. Hang in there?"

- first of all, I understand your warrior analogy.

With my Doctors stature in Makati Med, he is not hands on in the receiving area. The real front liners are the nurses and the residents. These are the people who receive the patients.They are the ones who are exposed to the infected patient. They are the ones I consider the warriors. Please don't dramatized something you don't know anything about. You don't know who my Doctor is. You don't know his specialty.

But no, you still insisted that he serves you first. This is not the time to be "it's all about me". At this time you are not helpless - thousands are hungry out there.

- How dare you. How dare you tell me that I insisted to be serve first. You need to re-read my text messages to my Doctor and checked the date. How dare you tell me I am not helpless. You don't know me. You don't know anything about my mental health. You are just showing how ignorant you are.

Yes, mental health is very important. But we have control over this, ALWAYS, if we choose to.

- Really? You have control over anxiety? Please do some research before opening your mouth and before leaving a message on my wall.

At this time, a simple chamomile tea (or whatever high end tea you drink) and a prayer will do. Prayer is just a kneel away.

- You are so ridiculously ignorant. I am not even going to expound on this idiotic idea of yours.

I am so disappointed. Block me for all I care.

- No. You block me. If I let you down the first thing that you should have done is get me out of your system. And honestly, I don't need anyone like you in my consciousness. I don't need you to tell me about mental health.

I hope you listened to President Duterte's nation address last April 13 when he addressed all Doctors to take care of all other non - COVID patients. Cos they are just as important.

So next time Miss chamomile tea, do me a favor DO SOME RESEARCH. And while you're at it kneel down.

I rest my case.

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