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My barangay did not forget me!

2 things that made me happy yesterday.

1. Arleen called me yesterday afternoon (by now I'm sure you know who she is already)(for those of you who don't, she is my friend who lives 2 floors above me).

"Send Neneng to the lobby we have groceries from the barangay! Get it just give it to Neneng."

When Neneng came back:

neneng: bakit walang bigas mam?

me: 'wag ka mag reklamo. Tanggapin mo na lang kung anong meron dyn.

me: okay na yan. Gusto ng barangay pagkatapos mo mag kape, mag laba ka. Kaya ka binigyan ka ng sabon hindi bigas.

Little things like this make me happy. At least I know our government is doing something to this issue we're all dealing with now. No matter how little. No matter "walang bigas". At least meron.

2. I received an email from YouTube yesterday:

To all 104 of you, YAY! Thank you so much!

I love the baby steps.

So, come join me in my baby steps and hit the subscribe button on my channel. Tina Enad Tagle. Thank you!

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