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My first tutorial video ft. Dyson Air Wrap

1. I am doing this because I ran out of things to do. We are already on our 26th day of lockdown.

2. A few of my friends have been asking me to do a tutorial on how to use the Dyson Air Wrap

3. It took raw guts to do this video. So, please be gentle with me.

4. I don't know how to edit videos. Bahala na kayo mag edit. lol. Just skip the boring parts. It's easier that way.

5. And yes this is how I look with nothing on my face. So, again please be gentle with me. I don't really look like this in person. lol.

6. I now have so much respect for YouTubers. Because it is so difficult to edit (madugo mag edit) and upload videos. Thumbnail pa lang ang hirap na. That is why my thumbnail looks like that. Auto generated thumbnail. lol.

7. Up until this point I am not sure yet if I should post this video. lol

8. But here it is...


1. where was Neneng (my helper)? She went to feed the cat of my neighbor LuAnne who is stuck in Singapore because of the lockdown

2. re: GHD. I kept on saying curling iron. It is hair iron not curling iron

3. I disabled the comment section kasi baka ma stress lang ako sa mga hate and negative comments. It's called self care. lol

4. I can't believe that one day I will be saying this, but... please hit the subscribe button and don't forget to like. Yung mag dislike good luck na lang sa inyo. Papahanap ko kayo! hahahaha. j/k.

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