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Prison break

Or escape from Alcatraz as my bpf Jing would call it.

Yesterday for the first time I put on makeup and decided to go out with Arleen for a quick run to S&R (I'm about to run out of Kuros wee wee pad) and since it's along the way (S&R BGC) we decided to drop by Dasma so I can see the kids quickly.

Schumi and Senna went out when they heard my voice. So I played with them a bit and then said goodbye to the kids. It was one of the hardest goodbyes I ever had. I run quickly to the car.

Since there was no driver (Arleen and my driver are both on isolation), Arleen was the one who drove.

It felt like we were 2 prisoners on the loose. And I happened to take a video and posted it on FB and Instagram.

I received a heavy backlash on social media by posting those videos. It sort of became trial by social media. The first to react was Vinny. I did not see it coming.

I wanted to take down the videos but I posted it and a lot of people saw it already. So I opted not to take it down anymore.

The reason why I posted it because I died laughing when I saw it early this morning. Arleen and I are 2 people who are so clueless when it comes to gadgets. That was the only reason. I did not think that people would react to why we are out and endangering ourselves and everyone around us.

We were fully protected and we practiced social distancing. Arleen and I have been coop up since day 1 of ECQ. We followed the rules religiously. This week we felt that it was safe already to see each other since we were not exposed to anyone.

For the record, we did not mean to endanger anyone or ourselves.

And for the record, we had so much fun escaping and running loose like a prison break.

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