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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I want to show you something today that I have been obsessed with lately. I know some of you must be frustrated since Coke Zero has been out stock lately (since a few weeks ago). And I must admit that it freaked me out. Coke Zero out of stock? OMG.

I went to Landmark grocery cos Arleen and Happy have been convincing me to do my grocery there.

I finally did. And OMG nakakaluwa with all their stuff.

I have been doing my grocery in Rustan's for more than 20 years and going to a new grocery will for sure derail me.

But I was amazed and shocked. I was there and it took me more than to 2 hours to make butingting their stuff.

There was just a lot of things there and you need to really make time to see all their stuff. Especially the imported ones.

Give and take you need at least 2 hours minimum there.

Their meat section is the best for me. Very wide range. I love it. Talong talong talagang ang Rustan's.

Aside from the things on my list I bought a few things that I got which I found that I really didn't need.

Anyway, since Coke Zero is out of stock, I tried this one that a friend suggested to me. She swears by this brand. But she said it's always sold out. I was lucky cos Landmark had a whole shelf of it!

This product has No sugar, No carbs, and No calories. What else can I say?

It comes in different flavors and I bought 1 case of all flavor to be sure, cos I'll give some to Claudy and Vito (which I am sure they will like it).

Without much adieu, here it is.

Rite n Light

It comes in different flavors. Lemon, Root Beer, Lemon and Lime, Peach, and cucumber.

Me, personally, this is a very good alternative for Coke Zero. And to think I am Coke Zero lover/drinker. I'd take this drink at any given time. Hands down.

I've already tried the Lemon & Lime and it tastes like Sprite with lemon. I also tried last night the root beer and I super like it! Goodbye Coke Zero!

I will try the other flavors. There are 5 kinds of flavors to choose from.

Guys, You will never regret it. Believe you me.

This is available in Rustan's grocery and Landmark.

Another thing that I went crazy with is this Shampoo GUGO. My friend Mikka Padua swear by this product. Seeq the unique is selling this and it gets sold out right away.

I found it in Landmark. I decided to use this cos my hair is thinning.

Here it is, It is organic and smells organic. No perfumery scent which I Iike and smells fresh.


Please try these 2 products (GUGO and Rite and lite) I swear to god it is good. And the Rite and Lite l have tasted all flavors already and they all are good. I tried cucumber tonight and OMG it is sooo good and very refreshing. I also tried the lemon flavor it is good too. Guys, this is life-changing. Bonus na lang yung No sugar, No carbs, and No calories.

*not an AD

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