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took the bull by its horn

The best time to go to the mall (Only if you need something urgent) is now. As in this week before the crowd starts to come. Believe you me.

Today, I took the bull by its horn and trekked down to H&M home (SM Makati). I have been wanting to go to H&M Home cos before the lockdown I was in the middle of furnishing my second room. I needed to buy some bathroom stuff (I love H&M Home). Can you imagine how bitin I was for 2 months? I was dying with OC every time I pass the room. Knowing that it's not done yet.

So, I went. And guess what? there was nobody there. I was the only one. And you can feel the air is so fresh and feeling mo walang virus.

I went straight to H&M Home, The entrance that was open was the one across the old Intercon Hotel. When I entered they spray you with disinfectant and even your shoes. And then they scan you. I felt so safe.

Of course, I did not tell my kids cos I know they will freak out! lol!

I was very quick cos I know what to get already. I got 2 hampers (sooo cute), some baskets to put my hand towels. Some knick-knacks for the bathroom sink. I got a linen robe (I have this in all colors already but when I saw a white one (I also have the white one already) I picked it up) Cos the new ones that came out where short ones (up to the knee lang). I wanted to get all the new colors again (earth tones) but I felt it's too much na.

What else did I get, oh, I picked up also a woven plate charger. I don't know what it is made of but the ones I like (natural color) 2 na lang left. It got sold out before the lockdown. So I got another color (light pink) in a set of 6. But this one the material used is different. I also got some throw pillow covers.

You want me to make a haul? Cos I was able to buy a few stuff also in the women's section. I'll probably film it tomorrow.

I was able to do a quick OOTD while waiting for Jake (driver) to come down from the parking lot.

It was so hot and humid today! Typical summer day.

Tank-Top: Hanes // Jeans: Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange // Mules: H&M (got it before lockdown) // Bayong: H&M (got it before lockdown and they still have stock. I saw it there this morning) // Willow Jewelry

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Thank you!

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