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Why I was MIA for a few days

You must be wondering where I have been the past few days. I'll tell you what happened why I have been silent.

Last Monday I woke up with painful tooth (last molar on my right side). It was so painful and swollen. If you have been following me then you know my dentist is my good friend Dr. Pete Ong. I did not call him cos his clinic is all the way in Shaw Blvd. Altho I know that if he knows I am in pain he will open his clinic for me.

I called another Dentist who is also a good friend and his clinic is just 5 minutes away from me. He willingly obliged to see me and opened his clinic just for me. He checked my painful tooth and did an Xray. He told me he won't touch my tooth in the meantime cos it was so infected and swollen. He prescribed an antibiotic and told me to come back Thursday.

I was still in pain until the antibiotic kicked in the following day.

When I went back last Thursday he did a thorough check on my tooth. He told me that he will try to save the tooth. But when he was working on the infected tooth he found out that the other tooth beside it had some issues also.

Long story short after trying to save both teeth he ended up doing an emergency surgery that lasted 3 hours.

Jesus Christ.

I did not feel any pain during the surgery cos I was highly anesthetized. BUT when the anesthesia wore off OMG ang sakit. I was curled up in bed the whole afternoon waiting for the pain meds that I took to take effect.

I was still in pain the following day and my face was swollen. I could hardly open my mouth and I was on a soft diet. Good thing the pain meds that he prescribed were strong so I felt comfortable enough for a few days.

I feel better now. I am off my pain meds and my face is not that swollen anymore.

I did a quick grocery run today cos I ran out of water, vegetables, and fruits.

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